Open-ended Industrial Timing Belts

Well done on almost completing your Open-Ended OR Spliced Industrial Timing Belt Purchase online.

This section is easy to match, Once you have identified the correct Tooth Profile you confirm the length required (must be dividable by the tooth pitch to confirm the number of teeth on the belt), if you would like the belt spliced endless this is offered free of charge, just confirm in the “comment” section when placing the order and add an extra 300mm of belt length to your purchase for the splice length. If you have this info you will easily obtain the correct belt first time, every time. I would strongly suggest making use of the technical specs as you can cross reference to double check that you have the right belt in your cart.

One thing to keep in mind before making your purchase is that “Cut Roll Stock” (Rolls of belting less than 50m in length or any length spliced timing belts) products are NOT RETURNABLE; therefore you need to be sure before we cut ? Please also note that we charge a 15% handling fee on standard roll stock returned on orders over R1000.00ex but a flat rate of R150.00ex for orders under R1000.00ex.

Lastly if you do not see your exact spec belt online you can drop us an email and we will pull stock from one of our many distributors and supply you an official quote for purchase soonest.