Green PUW – Polyester

Green Polyurethane – Polyester reinforced round belting: Green Polyurethane base belt that has a reinforced tension member co-extruded into the center of the belt. This is used to assist with the resistances to excessive elongation from high tension applications or long length conveyor applications.  Resistant to oils, greases and most chemicals, unaffected by dust, dirt and moisture. Easy to install, light weight conveyor belt that offers limited contact area between the belt and the product being conveyed. The reinforcement also always for a knotted or crimped join which has superior strength over a standard thermal butt join.

Round belts (according to NSW specification)
Material: PUW, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, Reinforced with Polyester, shore hardness 87A, 34D
Temperature range: 0 °C to 80 °C

Product Data Sheet