L-section, PAZ Tooth Timing belt, Kevlar Cords, PU MaterialL – Open ended timing belt. Polyurethane, Kevlar cord.

Standard compound: white Polyurethane
thermoplastic 92 ShA
Standard back cover: none
Standard tooth cover: none
Standard cords: Kevlar
Standard width tolerance: +/– 0,5 mm
Standard thickness: 3,6 +/– 0,3 mm
Standard length tolerance: +/– 0,8 mm/m
Standard roll length: 100 m
Belt options on request with minimum quantity:
Nylon fabric back
Nylon fabric teeth
Antistatic nylon fabric
Transparent FDA compound
AVAFC 60/70/85 ShA

Minimum suggested number of teeth in clamp for linear movement: 7

Traction resistance. (Width mm):

Max Traction Load (N): 9.53mm: 595; 12.7mm: 795; 19.05mm: 1330; 25.4mm: 1795; 38.1mm: 2790; 50.8mm: 3720; 101.6mm: 7445
Breaking Strength (N): 9.53mm: 2390; 12.7mm; 3190; 19.05mm: 5320; 25.4mm: 7180; 38.1mm: 11170; 50.8mm: 14895; 101.6mm: 26065
Elongation at MTL (mm/m): 9.53mm: 8; 12.7mm: 8; 19.05mm: 8; 25.4mm: 8; 38.1mm: 8; 50.8mm: 8; 101.6mm: 8

Flexion resistance. Minimum number of teeth: 15

Delivery is typically 2-3 days.

Important Note: These belts are cut and fabricated to order and as such these belts are non-refundable.

Product Data Sheet