PH Kevlar R/Forc-NSW

NSW German Manufactured belting is extruded in a unique blend of Polyester giving it superior wear resistant and great stability under high tension applications. Belt is extremely popular in canning and roof tile industries. The belt has an added benefit with the addition of a co-extruded Kevlar cord located in the centre of the belt. This cord assists with long length applications whereby elongation of the belt might become an issue if there is not enough take up. The reinforcement also always for a knotted or crimped join which has superior strength over a standard thermal butt join. The Kevlar reinforcement gives added flexibility over the steel cord option.

Description: Round belts (according to NSW specification)
Material: PH, thermoplastic polyester elastomer, shore hardness 55D
Temperature range: -5 °C to 80 °C

Delivery is typically 1-2 days
Important Note: These belts are cut and fabricated to order and as such these belts are non-refundable.

Product Data Sheet